Ladies, I see you. You can't pour from an empty cup...

Ladies, I see you. You can't pour from an empty cup...

This has been on my agenda for a while but thoughts of ‘what do I write about?’, ‘I don’t have  the time to start a blog’ and ‘who wants to read about me?’ have been major blocks in the road. But this is the thing with life isn’t it? There are always blocks in the road and we have to find ways to move past them or else we are just stuck.

Let me just paint a little picture for you. I am a busy woman (as most of us are right?!). I have two young children about to break up for the summer holidays; I have a craft business (Charlotte Makes) that I run full time during term time but have to put on the back burner during school holidays; I have a house that doesn’t run its bloody self; errands that don’t tick themselves off; friends, family, a husband!! Don’t even get me started on that absolute human necessity of finding time to myself FOR myself. 

But this is just the thing…my self care has completely slipped recently, and therefore so has my mental health. I’m not about to miraculously ‘find’ the time, I need to make time. I’ve had this realisation before; I promised myself that I wouldn’t let myself hit near-burnout again but alas, here we are. What’s the saying? You can’t pour from an empty cup…and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for far too long.

So here I am, showing up, being vulnerable and looking to move past this block. I know from experience that I need to make small changes over a period of time otherwise it can feel REALLY overwhelming. I want to know if you are here with me? Let’s do this together! I’ll admit I’m not the best accountability partner because, well, see my list above! But if I know that you are here with me then it will keep me accountable to keep these blog posts up. 

I don’t want to make this first post a lengthy one (I could possibly write a book about what’s going on in my head right now!) so I’m going to end it here.  If you’ve read this, thank you. If you’ve decided to come on this journey with me, amazing - I hope you’re strapped in!! 

Love always, 

Charlotte (the sparkle lady that has ironically lost her sparkle) 

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Drop the guilt, drop the expectations. Enjoy the present and plan your next adventures! Have a pj day or go out to the park. Breathe and have some fun!
Sending you some of my Sparkle ✨✨✨✨ xxx


So proud of you and your blog ! Here for you always x


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