Charlotte sparkling wearing a unique glitter age badge which reads 33

✨ craft business owner

💆🏼‍♀️ self care advocate

👩‍👦‍👦 mummy of two boys

📍 Peterborough small biz

I am on a mission to make everyone feel special on their special occasion and I believe my badges and cards do just that. A birthday card, wedding card or a card just because. They are all unique and personalised.

My business started in November 2020. We'd just entered Lockdown II and my oldest, Leo was turning 4. I wanted him to have a badge but (typically), the only one our local garden centre didn't have was just the one I needed and there were no other shops open. So I made one!

And the rest, as they say, is history! I posted the badge on social media, people showed interest instantly and the orders started coming.

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I then made myself a badge for my birthday in January. I'd previously HATED my birthday but this time felt different...special! I felt proud that I was turning 32! I also rediscovered my love for reading, which is when my bookmarks were born. I now have 4 bookmarks: one for my order book, one for the book I'm reading, one for my diary and one for my journal!

As a mummy of two boys, wife, daughter, friend, sister, cousin, auntie, niece, granddaughter etc...I found very little time to just be 'Charlotte' but that's exactly what building my business allowed (allows) me to do.

Since then, A customer asked me to make a cake topper, so I did. Another asked for a fairy wand. I was asked for a badge for a donut party, a monkey badge for a jungle themed 1st party and a pink dinosaur badge. I now have a collection from hen party badges, personalised cards and wedding date prints...most of my ideas actually come from you!! Please just message if you can't see quite what you're wanting.

I really love what I do and hope you do too

Charlotte x


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